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ALUTRONBOND is a specialist in ACM panel manufacturing, for building and construction applications such as wall cladding, sign board, and corporate imaging design.Located in Ningbo, a southeast China seaport city, its facility boasts two continuous process manufacturing lines capable of producing both polyethylene (PE) and fire retardant (FR) core panels, providing different Surface treatment such as mirror,gloss and nano finishing as well.

ALUTRONBOND is backed by the Trueline Co. Ltd, It manufactures products for key aluminum sectors such as packaging, coil coating, transportation, building products, and many others.

ALUTRONBOND with agencies in South America and Southeast Asia for better service with the local&nearby customers.

ALUTRONBOND has been manufacturing since 2000 and transforming high-tech aluminium materials for building and construction, with more than 20 years of know-how in the aluminium field.