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What do you need to know before installing ACP?

With the popularity of aluminum composite panels, we can clearly see that aluminum composite panels have very strong processing properties and clear structural features. Whether it is decorative or practical, it is a leading building material from the past to the present. But many people don't know what employees need to pay attention to before building aluminum composite panels. Now let the professional aluminum composite board manufacturer Alutronbond explain briefly: Alutronbond needs to be prepared before installation.

Distinguish between interior and exterior aluminum composite panels
Typically, Alutronbond aluminum composite panels are 4mm thick and 0.25mm thick for exterior wall decoration. Only in this way can the quality of the decoration be guaranteed. The indoor special indoor ALUTRONBOND aluminum alloy panel can reduce the decoration cost below 0.25mm.

Check accessories
Before construction, check the horizontal and vertical connectors for measurement and adjustment to reduce the error in the installation of the aluminum composite panels.

Install aluminum composite board in strict accordance with the instructions
The Alutronbond aluminum composite panel must be oriented in the same direction as the arrow on the protective film to avoid chromatic aberration; the protective film on the board must be removed according to the deadline indicated on the protective film to prevent the protective film from aging and difficult to remove and affect the appearance.

Outdoor rivet
Structural rivets should be carried out outdoors. The stem diameter should be 5mm and the rivet head diameter should be 11mm to 14mm. When riveting aluminum composite panels, it is recommended to fix the panels in order from the middle to the ends. The panel will expand and contract in consideration of temperature changes. The aperture above the composite panel should be greater than 1 mm. The rivet diameter ensures the flatness of the aluminum composite panel;

Glue requirements
Rubber operations should not be carried out on rainy days. Silicone weathering adhesives should be filled with filler and should be carried out at temperatures between 15 ° C and 30 ° C and a relative humidity of 50% or higher.
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